Flagstaff, Arizona (day 2)

We're having a blast in Flagstaff. Our wonderful hosts Craig Yarbrough and Diane Immethun are showing us around this beautiful city and introduced us to the local fare: Navajo Tacos (at Charlie's). We were regaled last night by tales of beauty, death, and triumph in the Grand Canyon by Craig, a veteran Canyon guru! We're just about to go and play our concert at the Grand Canyon Guitar Society. The program will feature Preludes and Fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier, as well as "We Know You Know" by Brian Head and "Folias" by Ian Krouse. Been burning CDs all day and should have about 15 limited edition 10-track preview discs ready to sell!

Michael Kudirka and Albert Diaz practicing some of Ian Krouse's polyrhythms.

Jack Cimo making those nails super-smooth!