Albuquerque, New Mexico

On the way to Albuquerque:

Just played for the New Mexico Guitar Festival. Keller Hall at the University of New Mexico was a beautiful space. We shared the concert with the extraordinary talented) and well-trained students of Mickey Jones.

New Mexico GUitar Fest01
Immediately after our performance at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. I'm holding the 3rd guitar part for Ian Krouse's "Folias".

New Mexico Guitar Fest02
After the show, we completely sold our of our CDs! Most people asked for an autographed copy, which was of course a huge honor for us and a lot of fun. I also had a lot of interest in the brochures I brought for the Interlochen Center for the Arts Summer Guitar Program, and Arts Academy.

El Patio01
We went to a definitive Albuquerque Mexican restaurant, "El Patio". Delicious Agave wine margaritas and unbelievable enchiladas. Had a blast with my cousin Karen and her awesome family! By the end of lunch, the kids had untied al of Helios' shoelaces, and even padlocked my shoes to the table!

El Patio02
Here's a classic iPhone hipstamatic shot of Jack with a beer!

albuquerque with karen
After getting my shoes freed from the padlock, I got to get this photo with my cousin and her family. Albuquerque was hot, but really great - like a giant sauna!